Reconnaissance Survey


A surveillance overview is characterized as "an examination of all or part of a region fulfilled in adequate detail to make speculations about the sorts and conveyances of memorable properties that might be available" inside a given venture region (Federal Register 48:44739). Surveillance studies speak to a kind of field overview that is frequently used to accumulate introductory data in regards to the nearness or nonappearance of memorable properties inside a venture region. Observation overviews for the most part incorporate constrained scoop testing in zones that are probably going to contain archeological assets.

The aftereffects of a surveillance overview ought to advise the candidate, organization, and the SHPO about the sorts of assets that are probably going to be found inside a venture range and the requirement for extra review. The SHPO suggests that archeological locales distinguished amid a surveillance study be tried at an escalated level so as to portray the limits of the site and to make an underlying assessment of the site's qualification for the National Register of Historic Places.

In South Carolina, surveillance reviews are most beneficially utilized in the Piedmont district of the state where soil disintegration has made ranges of more noteworthy surface introduction. Observation reviews, in any case, once in a while satisfy Section 106 necessities for the recognizable proof of noteworthy properties in the Coastal Plain.

It ought to be underscored that zones reviewed at this level of examination will require resurvey if extra data is required about the nature and circulation of archeological assets inside a given venture region.

At a minimum, reconnaissance surveys should document the following: (extracted from the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archeological Documentation)

  1. The sorts of properties searched for The limits of the range overviewed The technique for overview, including the degree of study scope The sorts of memorable properties introduce in the reviewed range Particular properties that were distinguished, and the classes of data gathered and Places analyzed that did not contain notable properties.

Guidelines for Reconnaissance Survey Reports
The SHPO will review results of a reconnaissance survey within 30 days of receipt. To ensure timely SHPO review, please include the following information in the completed Project Review Form:

  1. Extend Title.
  2. Organization Requiring Work.
  3. Organization Project and additionally Permit Application Numbers, if relevant.
  4. Extend Location (incorporate a 7.5-minute USGS topographic guide delimiting the venture limits and venture arranging maps)
  5. Field Personnel and Dates of Survey.
  6. Brief Statement of Project Goals and Objectives.
  7. Field Methods.

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